Cesar Ruiz, Summer 2019

Catherine Polanco

City University of New York School of Law, Class of 2021

Cesar Z. Ruiz interned with Latino Judges Association in the summer of 2019. Following his internship, he served a year long term as a CUNY’s Center on Latinx Rights and Equality Fellow while also interning for LatinoJustice PRLDEF during the spring term and summer term of 2020. He also served on CUNY Latin American Law Students Association’s (LALSA) executive board during that same year. Currently he serves as a student intern at CUNY Law’s Community and Economic Development Clinic, while also serving on CUNY Law Review’s Editorial Board. Post-grad Cesar plans to continue his work in furtherance of his community fighting for Latinx rights and equality in the field of voting rights and redistricting.

Reflections: My experience as an LJA intern was transformative. It allowed me not only to develop my legal skills but connect with trailblazing and inspirational leaders in my community. Above all it was a chance to be a part of something bigger than myself and it let me know I was not alone in my struggle to fight for a better world por mi gente.