Jazmin Reynoso Ortiz, Summer 2021

Jazmin Reynoso Ortiz

City University of New York, Class of 2023

Jazmin Reynoso Ortiz is a first-generation immigrant from the Dominican Republic. She is currently a 1L (class of 2023) at the City University of New York School of Law, where she is an active member of the Latin American Law Student Association (LALSA), MetroLALSA, and the Woman of Color Collective (WOCC). Jazmin has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Public Policy with a concentration in Economics. Jazmin is very passionate about immigrant rights and criminal defense. She is determined to push for systemic reform through litigation. Jazmin strives to represent and provide support to the underrepresented and systematically oppressed by both social and legal structures. She further strives to engage in a client-centered framework that considers the goals of the clients and invites a collaborative relationship where clients can actively participate in their own representation. Jazmin is looking forward to networking and developing new skills that are highly valued as a litigator.