Community Service Fall 2020

Community Service Committee’s High School Speaker Series – Fall 2020

Judith S. Kaye High School

Hon. Connie Mallafré Mélendez – December 4, 2020

School Partners: Andrew Brown, Principal; Olinda Marin, School Business Manager and Noemi Cruz, Social Worker.

Reflections: Speaking to high school students proved to be so much more gratifying that I had expected. As I spoke about the paths life took me through and explained why I made the decisions I made, the students’ comments made it clear to me that they face the same issues we faced. Their search for guidance and answers came through in their questions and comments. My conversation with them took on new meaning and urgency. As Latino judges, our accomplishments and stories prove to the students that it can be done – not only in the legal field, but also in their chosen career. Knowing that I may have positively impacted even one teen gave a thrill that stayed with me for days.

Mount Vernon High School

Hon. Walter Rivera – December 15, 2020

School Partners: Ronald Gonzalez, Ed. D, Head of School; Eric D. Brand, Ed. D., Head of Humanities; Clinton Keegan, Social Studies Dept. and Tiffany Izzo, Social Studies Dept. Mount Vernon High School

Reflections: Thank you for your excellent efforts in running this impactful program. My experience with the program was heart warming and meaningful. The students were very engaged and asked pointed questions. I would certainly do it again and highly recommend it to LJA members. It presents a platform for judges to share their journey with high school students and enables the students to see that their goals are within reach if they commit to the process.

Hon. Sallie Manzanet-Daniels – November 11, 2020

Reflections: Participating in LJA’s outreach to high school students was an absolute joy. The students are thirsty for this the of engagement and seemed to really appreciate the opportunity to dialogue with a member of the judiciary. The students asked pointed questions that were insightful, timely and which demonstrated that they were actively processing this world we live in – with all its nuances and complexities. I would highly recommend it to all members, as I truly believe you are equally uplifted by the experience.